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  1. My outdoor balcony grow is currently in week 2 of veg. I'm experimenting growing 2 small plants in the same pot (yes I'm aware of the male/female concerns). The plants were in organic soil. I transplanted them 3 days ago into a 3 gal pot using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and gave a good watering. No transplant shock occured as both plants continue to grow.

    No nutes have been added to this point. The FFOF soil has enough nutes for 2-3 weeks. After that I will be using the Fox Farms trio accordingly at 1/4 recommend dosage.

    The plants get 5 hours of direct sunlight and 9 hours of indirect sunlight each day. At night they receive total darkness.

    This morning I noticed that the new leaves growing in each node are light green in color. Is this normal? Do they get darker when they mature? The other leaves look perfectly healthy as there is no discoloration at all. Any thoughts...

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  2. Yup. New leaves are usually light green.
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