New Launch Box reviews?

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I recently sold my first MFLB to get the new 2011 one with the "click lock" lid. Apparently it keeps your stealth shut while it's stashed in your pocket. Well my order was screwed up and they sent me the wrong one. I read reviews about the new one and heard that the locking lid is kind of, shitty? Anyone had experience with these?
  2. Are these the deals that you have to keep a battery in your pocket like Barney Fife kept a bullet?
  3. Ive never even heard of it hahahaha, the click lock one i mean

    and the mflb is sold with elastic bands to hold it shut when you travel, jut an fyi...
  4. Yeah their battery powered but they are very efficient if that's what you mean. I also use rubber bands too, but there were also more additions to the new box. I decided to keep this one for now and keep banding it up. I'm sure I'll upgrade if I hear better reviews.
  5. The addition of the "click lock" is excellent. A few of us on the MFLB thread came up with some prototypes similar to the click lock so we didn't have to keep track of rubber bands. The bands also had a way of rolling off the end of the box when you put it in or pulled it out of any pocket that's slightly tight, like jeans.

    Magic-Flight did a great job of putting this into production using the simplest, reliable solution possible.

    It works really well and keeps the LB cover from opening in your pocket.
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    Could you post a link to this? I'm very curious now! People said that the way it made the lid lift up was impractical. But it actually does keep the box closed in pocket? I just have a nasty habit of loosing/breaking my rubber bands, a locking feature sounds very useful.
  7. I wouldn't feel left out if I was you. As long as you got the one with the black rubber ring around the trench and the push back ring in the battery hole and the LED inside the unit.
  8. You could either get the new LB that has the click lock and use your old one for backup, or make a click lock yourself like this... just press a small brass pin into a drilled hole and then drill a corresponding hole in the underside of the cover.
    and a video
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    Here is what it looks like as Magic-Flight now does it (much more refined than our early efforts):

    Maybe you could send your box to Magic-Flight and they could add the click-lock?
  9. You an make a much better lock just by etching the glass with a knife. There are tutorials on it, it takes like 15 seconds todo.

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