New Lampworking Studio

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Tangerine Laugh, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, Just got a lampworking apprenticeship a couple weeks ago and am getting serious about it so Im building up a small studio in my backyard. super excited.

    Before I started anything
    Cement Laid Down
    Part of wall up
    Closer shot of table I built today

    more to come...
  2. What is lampworking?
  3. you intend to make your own pipes? ;)

  4. A type of glasswork.
  5. Hell yea.:cool: I started making my first one today. ima finish it tomorrow. il post a pick of how horrible it comes out..
  6. Wait just a minute.
    I remember you from before.
    different account though, why did you delete your first?
  7. Post some pics! I'd love to see lampworking, seeing as how I'm quite intrigued and interested myself.
  8. talking to me? this is my only account
  9. subscribed.

    get some pics up man! im doing my own little bits at home, just making cone pieces until i can afford to get a bigger flame torch :p

  10. must be someone else.
    another dude on here had a glassblowing studio in progress that looked similar, and he rubbed a few people the wrong way.
    my mistake, carry on.
  11. what kinda torch you looking to get??

    im supposed to be getting a black and white phantom anytime soon.but gtt is a small company.
  12. still getting a butane refillable, not proper lampworking torches.

    i just need something with a hotter flame, so looking at the trigger shaped bernzomatic torch.

    but im just making glass cone pieces at the moment, just messing around with pyrex atm
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    All walls that electricity?!?!?
    Got my kiln ready to go and exhaust waiting to be put up
    Opened up.
  14. Why nothing since??? Looks like you put a lot of time an effort into everything
  15. Sooooo pretty.

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