new KMK album anyone? what do u think?

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  1. ive been lisening to kmk scence i was in 5th grade, i didnt really know anything else of theirs existed besides high society for the first year or so, as far as im concerned kottonmouth kings high society album is THE best compilation of songs ever put on a compact disk. they have had a few kool songs sence then, like 420, the munchies, tangerine sky, but they totally changed up from high society. i baught there new album long live the kings a week or so ago, its amazing, like they announce that they are going into a new era of kmk but it sounds like the old 200 album high society, they even quote high society in a song, its not like theres 3 good songs out of 20 songs either, theres like 15 and id say 9 of them are awesome, the rest are good stuff too. anyone lisen to there new shit yet?

    i like 9 and 10 in order, party girls is pretty much my style and my girl loves it cause shes a girl that likes them gurls, and they way it switched to song 10 is like the old high society whair theres trippy stuff u can only get if you lisen to the songs in a row with no skip. and 10 the mushrooms song is sweet with the trippy me me me me me i want sum me me me
    its TIGHT
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    All good, buddy.

    As far as the album goes, I haven't heard it. I'm not fond of that group or any group that follows the clown trend. Clowns are supposed to be funny but they're the self-proclaimed illest, gangsters in the world. Perhaps if they stopped riding a bunch of mommy's-boy clowns, I could give some credibility because they also have no credibility in lyricism.
  3. oo, sorry about that, i see so many juvinile posts in the seasond tokers i didnt think it would matter. what are 15 year old kids doing in seasoned tokers? but neways what about the album????
  4. That Album is bad ass, But their gay for getting rid of pak
  5. KMK has been around for so long, and their earlier stuff was pretty good I think, high society, the 1st hidden stash...

    Also, they aren't "part of the clown group" or anything, they aren't exactly in the juggalo group icp / twiztid / blaze / etc etc are in but they have did like what, 5 songs with various artists from psychopathic, but in generally they are their own little world..

    I always found it fascinating that they wrote like 300 songs about smoking weed haha, but to be honest a lot of their newer stuff I think is so lame, like acoustic guitar and singing about being a stoner, ehhh they really fell off in my opinion.
  6. yeah brah, 909 dirtbikes n bitches wooo.

    sorry, socal bros ruin any chance of me ever liking KMK.
  7. They are a disgrace to Hip-Hop. TERRIBLE.
  8. your riht there new shit has dropped off a clif, there newest album is wayy better than most of the newer stuff, and yes they did tour with icp some, i hate icp i think its stupid, but the new kmk is tha bomb.
  9. I got the new CD from the KMK website and it has a bonus disc of 16 songs. Disc one has 20 songs...So, my 2 disc set of 36 songs cost me $14 and that`s including $3 for shipping!
    A good deal for sure.

    And I think the CD's are great! Not every song is the bomb but it`s pretty solid!!

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