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  1. im an 18 y.o kid from the suburbs not far from the chicago area. where im from ppl look down particularly on "potheads/stoners" lumping us in with kids who use actual drugs..not a plant. ive only been smoking bout 5 years now but ive been around marijuana my whole life and at first ilooked at it as something idid with my friends when we just kicked it. but now its becomin more than just that to me, its opened my eyes to the world and let me get deeper in to thought about life than alotta kids my age. i hope one day to become a major part of the marijuana business
  2. welcome to the city my friend, im right across in the river in missouri
  3. its nice to have ppl ican actually share ideas and contemplations without bein looked down upon
  4. yeah it is. and this is a great place. if you ever want to say whatsup somtime or check out the nugs on this side of the river click one of the links in my sig. dont hesitate to post in that thread to.
  5. Welcome fellow blade!
    Haha I feel ya, I noticed that weed had matured me very quickly and allowed me to see beyond the limits of my old mind by age 15 :fuckyeah:

    Anyways, do me a favor, take a rip for me? Bong, if possible.
    Im currently in a dry spell
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    Hey everyone cool to see this forum! I just introduced myself in the
    other new members one but thought I should say hi here too.
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