New Kid Cudi!

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    new Kid Cudi. Seems he's back to his old blazing ways :smoking: Theres nothing better then blazing and blasting some Kid Cudi in the car.
  2. I hate chips new name, his old one was so much better. But cudi is still that dude.
  3. I didn't even know he changed his name. Chip ttha rippa was definitely better. I liked the song tho, can't wait for the next albums.
  4. I was so happy when I first heard this song. Kid Cudi may not be the best rapper out there but he is my favorite artist. Glad to hear he's back on the bud, I actually just started smoking again this past week. cudderisback.
  5. Eh. It's not a terrible song. But to me it sounds like he's trying so hard to write material similar to MOTM. If he's putting out another album I just won't listen to it. It was psyched for his second, listened to it the morning it dropped and was severely disappointed. Man on the moon was perfect. And the best album to smoke to listening to it all the way through. Makes for perfect cruise n burns. I don't know. Maybe his new stuff will grow on me.

  6. Well considering MOTM3 is his next project, it would make sense that it sounds similar to MOTM
  7. I fuck with it Kid Cudi is still making dope shit.
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    Well considering MOTM3 is his next project, it would make sense that it sounds similar to MOTM[/quote]

    Actually it's Indicud, I think he abandoned the idea of a "trilogy" per say. Either way I like the song AND I liked WZRD man can do w.e the fuck he wants
  9. Wtf since when did Chip change his name.. This joint's pretty cool though. I kinda slept on Cudi after Man on the Moon.
  10. When I heard this I had to take a bowl hit, I'm glad he's back. Cudi is my favorite artist.
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    Second "single"
  12. indicud is a record he is mainly producing. i think he only has 2 songs on there that he actually performs on. motm3 is his next project that features him as an actual artist.
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    I've really liked every cudi album except WZRD, but I mean..come on..if every artists album is the same style what does that say about an artist in general? His next album Indicud is going to similar to his old ways.

    Only reason WZRD sucked IMO is because he stopped blazing to take care of his daughter and important life shit and also wanted to try a rock album.

    Also whoever said his second album was a let down...that's such a chill album to blaze too..the whole album is basically about his life struggles and weed lol

    from second album:

    hilarious video to watch while blazing/after blazing, whole video is him rollin and smoking basically lol:

    From older mixtape:
    this is probably one of my favourite songs to listen to while blazing..basically about the ups and downs of life..mad chills
  14. im not too excited for indicud. its an album that cudi is not going to be performing on every track. its like a mixture of him producing, rapping and bringing in other artists.

    ill wait for motm3.

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