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  1. Starting on July 16th Joe rogan will have a new show on the syfy channel called Joe Rogan Questions Everything. Saw the commercial last night.

    I love Joe Rogan so I will of course be watching this. Who else?
  2. Really? No one cares? With all the rogan fans here I thought people would be excited about this.
  3. i was wondering when this started! i love joe and listen to the jre regularly. love joe but the show seems odd and am septical of the longevity of it. ill watch it anyway
  4. YESSSS! hopefully it gets on netflix. I love jre and joe rogans a boss

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  5. I really think this show will be great. In the trailer he talks about all the psychedelics he will take because others won't. I really can't wait to see him on ahayuasca and talking about the meaning of existence.
  6. nice, Joe Rogan is the man so this show should be great.
  7. def looking forward to this!!
  8. I read the title and was like


    Which one...

    Joe rogan is awesome tho
  9. I had no idea, I will be watching now though. Thanks

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