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  1. Started at 7 and worked 11 hours....... ughhh im fucking tired. didnt get a chance to sit down all day unless i was driving a car onto a lift. i cant believe i have to get up again tomorrow morning and do it again, let alone the rest of the week.
    Looks like my schedule is going to be work, come home, drink, eat, MJ, sleep, repeat.

    do u hate the way you have to make a living?
  2. be thankful bro. without a job it would be terrible. i went without a job for 1 month. i start tomorrow morning actually. im pretty thankful for my job even though its not that great. my old job paid well. new manager came in and changed alot of things. oh well more opportunites now :hello: good luck man. id rather work your shift and get paid then be broke as hell living check to check. or saving what little i have to buy food and such on a tight ass budget. i use to work a crappy job from like 2-11 it sucked. no life, just work, sleep, eat, and repeat. then i got a better job that closed at 8ish so i still had a life after that which was great. and now i have a morning job, hopefully i will like it.
  3. Last summer I worked 12 hour shifts from 6pm-6am, 6 days a week for four months out of the summer.

    Now this summer I couldnt go back because I failed the drug test. Now im sitting here looking for a job going to school full time wondering how im gonna be able to pay Novembers rent with less than $800 in the bank.

    Consider yourself lucky, im still looking for a job. Chem and Calculus dont help my schedule either :eek:

  4. damn i know the feeling. i managed to save my money. i only go out when i have to. good luck with your hunt.
  5. I feel you dude, I just wanna find a job that isnt so labor intensive, they can even pay me less i dont give of fuck im lazy, i need to go back to popa johns or some shit
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    I worked at a call center for the past 2 weeks. I hated it so much. They paid me
    1 less dollar per hour than I was told during the interview, their system is overly complex,
    and the customers had some really stupid problems. They also decided to change my
    schedule during the weekend, so I had no idea until I got a call yesterday asking why I'm
    2 hours late. Now trying to score a night job a couple blocks away that pays nicely and has
    good hours.

    Loading boxes on trucks, it'll be easy after a week unless my permanently injured left arm
    decides to self-destruct. My left collarbone also detached a little from my sternum during the
    accident that caused the injury. I just get this mental picture of it fully detaching and ripping
    through my skin. It hurts sometimes. Don't ever sprint up stairs while drunk, or at all really.

    I want to be a chef. I want to learn to cook fancy meals for munchies. I may abandon
    my dream of computer repair and just keep computers as a hobby. Even more, I'd like
    to be a chef on a big ship. Chief cooks on ships make really nice money. $3k-$4k a week.
    12-16x what I made at that call center. For $4k a week, the ship crew would eat the best god
    damn food they've ever had in their lives.

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