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New job

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by minntoker, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. I just started working at meyer teleservices, i'm a telemarketor. it sucks, i hate asking for money. it does pay good and has nice benefits. we basically ask for money for the democratic party. i definetly wouldn't do for the republican party. i gotta go to work in 2 hours, thank god i have my adderal.
  2. i never get telemarketing calls no more. were ont he do not call list :D
  3. heh what list all i got is a cell phone :D

    Edit: oh yeah... Mbuddy i whish i had a new job.. haha i wish i had a job perriod.. I'm getting bored sitting on my ass all day LOL..... its way to nice out now i gotta get the fuck outdoors.. later all I'm off on a hike :D

  4. I hang up on people like you! lol. But ya know, a job is a job.
  5. but you get paid weather hang hung up or not right? so its not bad if they do.

    i work in a store and i used to hate being whatchedby ppl working in shops(cos i look like a stoner lol) and now i find myself doing it lol, a jobs a job as u say :p
  6. Ijust got off about 30 mins ago and today sucked. I was doing a survey about radiostations in houston. i was talking to some guy and i had to verify his address, and he said if told anyone where he lives, he find me and kill me. he later mentioned that he'd haunt me for the rest of my life. i was freaked out after i called him. i hate my job.
  7. I'm glad you didn't call me.. I always have a smart assed answer..

    I told a guy that called once, that i couldn't give him my address because i sensed that he was a mass murder in a telemarketing job... He hung up on me...

    I just don't understand why people don't like my jokes!!
  8. what i hate about my job isn't the assholes or the people who mess with you, it's asking for money from people that really want to help the democratic party but can't afford it. it's tough asking for $100 from the nicest people, and you can tell how desperate they are. but hell, it's a job.
  9. It has to be like asking for a sucker from a baby who only has one..

    Did they teach you the "don't take no for an answer" thing?

    I hate when you tell them straight out no, and then they keep trying to sell you on their Idea!
  10. yeah, they taught us the "no means yes" bull. we have to ask about 3 times per call but i've only asked 2 times once, so i don't piss them off.

  11. That's me :D

    I figure if they're gonna call, I'm gonna have some fun.. Have you had any good examples of people that have messed with you yet? I told one to hold on a sec while I took a hit off my bubbler. then I acted interested in what he was saying. after about 20 seconds, I was bored, so I just yelled " PUT THE FUCKING GUN DOWN" and hung up.. wonder what was going through his mind??? lol.. :smoke: :smoking:

    oh shit.. i've gotta go find this audio file in which a telemarketer call a house, and this guy messes with :smoke:
  12. Anyone ever see the Sienfeld(sp) episoped where Jerry gets a call from a telemarketer and ask them for there number at home and tells them he'll call them back later and they say they can't give out that information and then he says is that because you don't like random strangers calling your house and hangs up. Everytim i see that it cracks me up.

  13. Hahaha... Thats great...

    Heres a couple prank calls I dug up :smoke:

    :D :D

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