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  1. Sup guys? I recently was asked by my supervisor if I would like to be the maintenance man for all three of our cila homes and I cannot wait to hear back from hr about it. If this happens I will be making at least 12/hr on top of the almost 9/hr I already get for being a DSP so please guys pray for me cause my family could really benefit from this and it is something I have wanted since starting with the company three yeas ago. So yeah positive thoughts blades I got my fingers crossed!
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  2. Fingers crossed for you man. Best of luck.
  3. Good luck.
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    Seems like you got a cool buddy to work with! Now just relax, let HR do their job and ACT NATURAL *pic of spongebob grazzing in a field, eating grass*
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  5. Thanks guys!!!!!! I have had my HVACR degree for six years and might actually get to put it to use lol

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