New job.. pretty sweet.. better than i thought..

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. So first day i went in i didnt really get to kno anyone was too quiet cause of my comedown off adderal didnt really wanna 'get to know' people when my heads throbbin and i wanna sleep hah.. so i thought no1 smoked there and they were all just douchebags hah..

    so second day was better .. i got to blaze on way to work which always makes things better.. then after my shift i was eatin and waiting for kens shift to end and was chillin in break room (back room) talkin with other staff membs while they smoked cigs and i heard this one kid kevin say hes going to smoke a join with the general (our cook) and i wnet and followd him and asked him can i match with u hes like 'damn you smoke too everyone here does' and we went outback and the 3 girls that i thought left were smokin a fatty in their car outback so i gota few free hits off that then me kevin and general went to the trash bins outback and i got to blaze a nice fat joint free =D .. needless to say this new job is goin to kickass since everyone there tokes =D
  2. what job are you at?
  3. perkins.. bus boy / dish

    dude general has blue eyes and hes black .. weirdes shit ever he was makin fun of himself about it .. i never saw such a thing hah .. he said they used to be brown then one day he woke up and was lookin in mirror was like wtf .. started rubbin his eyes and still there .. haha was funny shit.. he said 'i probly burned them out' hahaha ..

    i was pretty fucked up that day too was nice weed
  4. Damn... i dont remember if its Perkin's or Tippin's

    One of those places has some FIRE ass pie when u are ripped.

    If you dont mind me askin, how much u gettin there bussin?
  5. 615 bussin (not tipped out tho) and 675 dishin... but bussin is so fuckin ez cause thell have 5 bussers on .. only need 2 really .. 3 at most .. so its fuckin like .. no work at all haha and i bet its perkins w/ that bomb pie cause i kno they got mad shit like that for sale (cookie muffins and shit) in the front that are fuckin godly haha so ya

  6. hhah i was a bus girl at perkins a few months ago...but then i quit, cause i hated it :rolleyes:
  7. Hehe, most people in the service indsustry are recreational drug users in my experiences.
  8. oo ya .. no uts attract all the stoners..
  9. haha yep

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