new job is sweet haha

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. haha today was fuckin sweet, i got to go do this house and clean it out, and the guy was like "everythin is junk jus throw it out" so we took shit like dvd players that werent destroyed and that and i found 1/5 of canadian bourbon and 1/5 of captain morgan and took it haha, which is pretty sweet cuz its not everyday i get free alcohol... on a down note, on the ride home wit my dad he decided for some odd reason to open up my lunchbox and found the shit in there and started flippin about me starting a drinking habit or sumthin, so i jus said "no, i got it for down the neighbors house" cuz they got lots of liquor, so he thought he'd be a wise ass like "well i'm gonna ride u there and we'll see if they accept it" and i walked right up to em and handed em it and they jus said "wow, thanks" and we drove away, my dads a dumbass. haha, excuse me while i go down my friends house and drink some shit.
  2. lol man thats messed up your dad took your shit but funny u just gave it to those people lol i bet they got trashed.. lol
  3. hehe that is awesome man i cant believe your dad is that gullible
  4. haha well they didnt jus take it, they jus held it for me, so this morning i went to work with a hangover haha, i couldnt even get off the floor, that bourbon was fuckin hella strong, i drank like 10 swallows over about a 40 minute period and by the time i stood up to walk up my friends driveway i couldnt even keep myself leaning forward, but i did puke and shit, and the hangover wasnt to bad, so that was good, no liquor at work today though, jus a gay couple and me cleaning shit.

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