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New Job. Cant Sleep. Help.

Discussion in 'General' started by spillee86, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. I start a new job tomorrow. I got hardly any sleep last night so I could sleep tonight in prep for it.

    I've just laid in the dark for like 2 hours and I've never felt more awake. I have to be up in 6 hours now. I need some MAJOR sleeping tips people. I'm going insane.

  2. Chamomile tea? Try loosing up your jaw, if it's clenched while you try to sleep it'll be harder to fall asleep. Sleeping in a cold room helps too so turn on your AC.
  3. weed? when i can't sleep counting backward helps. if your mind starts to wander, focus on the numbers. sometimes i go backward from 100 but starting at 200 almost never fails for me. i hate starting at 100 and getting to 1 lol im like fUCK i ahve tos tart over. 
  4. I'd take a little weed...
  5. crank one out
  6. Have you tried melatonin? Helps me get sleepy damn quick. 
  7. Out of bud as well.
  8. this too, or dairy to make you sleepy. eat a bowl of ice cream
  9. Tea and crumpets
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    valerian root calming and w/o hangovers.
    6 hours!
    self hypnosis is in order.
    Lie flat on your back and go limp as you can
    isolate your parts.
    top of the heat
    tense the top of the head hold it to the count of 10 let go and relax taking a deep breath
    forehead count to 10  same thing  tense then release the part to relax fully.
    same w/the eyes isolate the parts
    same w/the cheeks move it all through the face and the neck and then parts of the shoulders isolate the chest from the stomach and the neck and move down the body through all the muscle parts to the  tips of your toes and take your time.  Tense the part to the count of 10 then release it to complete relaxation.
    You will likely fall asleep before you finish.
  11. I've noticed that I sleep like a baby after I smoke a bowl and masturbate. I'd say give it a try.
  12. Did you spank one out?
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    ultimately this, i've heard
  14. Lets ask the big question who took that pic are you in a saw movie take a pic and hold up 2 fingers if you need me to call for help

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  15. yeah op you just gotta jerk your twerk!
  16. No rest for you!!!!!

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  18. We had a powercut. 15 minutes after my laptop went off I fell asleep. I think it was God sending me a message.

    Or it was a powercut.
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    You're out of balance. This is to be expected with change. You will normalize in time. 
    I suggest you maintain a healthy and balanced diet, and drink water frequently. 
    Laying in bed wide awake is unproductive. Go for a walk when you can't sleep.
  20. step one would be never run out of bud for this reason

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