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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SpliffStarr, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. New member from New Jersey...piff all day
  2. hey whats good man
    pretty cool to see another person from jersey on here
  3. welcome..this place is'll love here. :smoking:

  4. haha 856 for sure:wave:
    you in the burlington region?
  5. word been up there a couple times to play hockey against the vinelnad patriots BOO!
    but its pretty nice up there im right around the palmyra/pennsuaken area cause riverton is such a small town lol
  6. LOL nice.

    its alright over here. lots of philly bud around this area :smoking:
  7. word yeah im gettin some pretty dank headies and some cheap kinebuds
    i also been gettin soem real strong syd and some good boomers and molly
    been havin trouble finding some good opium though
  8. Whats good fellow Nj'ers? Haha Im from hunterdon county
  9. whadddup 732 over here
  10. jersey is all over GC.:gc_rocks:

    joining this place is the best decision you've made since you started smoking the ganj:cool:
  11. im from jersey too! morris county here
  12. haha i didn't know there was this many jersey heads. what kind of bud do you guys normally get into? im in the 973 and i just got the hook up with some northern lights...definitely happy about that one.
  13. eveything really

    kinebuds and headies mostly
    i get some the dankest headies around dripping in res that will stink a whole crib out with a qaup

    i prefer to just call my dank headies and not spend my time thinking of ridiucols names to name it. unless i know its a specific strain
  14. no way im in 973 too!! but yeah, im pretty new, so i dont know names and stuff. but thanks to the guide, and my cousins who are more experienced, i know im gettin fire, so im happy :)

  15. damn up here in 973? im from franklin
  16. Hunterdon county as well there's been some niceeee dank around:smoking:
  17. Hey man. I'm from Jersey too, and pretty knew myself. Welcome.
  18. < Also in the 973 :hello:. Some times i get good shit and sometimes i dont

  19. whereabouts

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