New Jersey.

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by daniii9, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Most boring place on Earth. 😴

  2. Yep

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  3. Is that why all you guys do is go to the gym, tan and laundry ?

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  4. Bricks city!!
  5. Could someone tell me why new jersey gets shit on? I always hear that jersey sucks. I've had people tell me, heard it in movies. What makes it so bad?
  6. What op said. Its fucking boring; and the government is for pussies (youve gotta be 19 to buy smokes even) the MMJ laws are ridiculous because some fat piece of shot wants to dictate whats healthy

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  7. nj is only boring if you let it be.  theres a ton of awesome stuff to do.  dont blame your in-content on the state you live in.
  8. the shittiest too... except for gary, indiana.

    Jersey cops are mega busters
  9. In all seriousness though, what is there to do in new jersey?

    I used to live in ny but i just never went to nj since i didnt think there was anything to do except atlantic city
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    in all seriousness?  how can you even really thinkg that AC is the 1 only single thing in the entire state to "do"?...on the weekends I ususally go skydiving, as that is my hobby/sport, but i also have been found golfing in NJ, slacklining in NJ, frolfing in NJ, hiking in NJ, camping in NJ, kayaking in NJ, mtn biking in NJ, going to breweries in NJ, going to bars in NJ, going to the ocean in NJ, eating good food in NJ and plenty more.  
    oh and I wouldnt consider atlantic city as something to do.  gambling is a waste of time and money.
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  11. nj isn't boring
    got New York and Philly just across the bridge
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  12. Wildwood is my spot!

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