New Jersey police do not like my friends.

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  1. This week has been a week that I will not forget. The police have been doing their jobs very well, too well I might add because they have been busting my friends.

    The first incident happened on Monday. My friend was smoking by a local bridge and an undercover cop walked up and busted him.

    Today I planned to meet a few friends at a recent spot we have come across. Getting no responses from my friends, I went over by myself to chill with another friend and wait to see if they came along.

    I find out a few minutes ago that my friends were out getting the dutch and one of my friends was busted making a deal. He sold the guy a bag and undercover cops rolled up on him immediately. This friend was a great guy and my best friend. It's really sad to hear that he will be going away for a while. It seems like we were just talking and chillin today, and now my only hope of talking to him is from behind 3-inch glass.

    I sincerely hope that this isn't the case, but I fear that my fears are justified. :(

    I'm starting to choke up, so I'll leave it at that. Happy May 12th to all.
  2. if you love him that much, go post his bond...then you guys can chill for a few more months
  3. i feel for you man, really, but what do you expect smoking and dealing in public like that? let this be a lesson: lay low, and do your business in a safe spot, like your home
  4. sorry to hear that man! That blows...
  5. Wow man that really sucks. But yeah if you like him that months go post his bond so you can chill with him more. Where in Jersey are you from? I'm from 856/609
  6. The whole things fucked up man it really is.
  7. See, this is why I hate anti-MJ laws. Breaking friendships apart because of a harmless plant? The law should get real.

    Sorry man, this sounds truly awful.
  8. Lol. The police still suck at there jobs your friends are just worse at handling there business. You gotta be really stupid to get caught by cops selling drugs. Its hard as fuck to actually get caught doing a deal unless you have no idea what you are doing. Tell your friends to stick to legit jobs. And honestly those cops don't even sound that bad. Cops in my neighborhood fuck you up everytime they arrest you.
  9. There's a dealer I know who does his deals outside of the God damn football arena! People in Bangor love their football, plus it's on a main road! Worst location ever.
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    "You gotta be really stupid to get caught by cops selling drugs".

    That made me laugh really lauggh!! Its true tho!
  11. couple of months behind glass? how much did he sell in public :confused:
  12. Bro a couple months in county isn't even that long. You are acting like he is getting put away for life. Its not even prison its county.

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