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new jersey/new york mid prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by curiousaboutbud, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. so i was wondering how much you guys pay for regular mids? like grams, fourths, halves etc.
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    i live in boston and mids is cheapish here, not compared to anywhere near the boarder or in canada but for us'es its somethin like this on average
    7 a gram
    20 a sliz
    100 for an Oppossum
    1000 a pound
  3. cool i pay 10 a gram maybe 50-60 a fourth
  4. A gram = $20-$30 (depends on quality)

    1/3 Oz. = $60-$100 (depends on quality)

    1/4 Oz. = $150-$200 (depends on quality)

    i know the prices are high around where i live, but fuck it what can you do?:(

  5. Grow dank and run shit?
  6. WOW! For mids?!!! Or do you mean dro?
  7. yo, either you you fucked up the numbers or your getting ripped off. not to be a meanie head but you are getting scamed. if you mean 1/4 and then 1/2 it would be expansive but make alot more sense. is that what you meant?
  8. why would you know what new york are if you live in boston?

    the prices in nyc are ridiculous. if you ask anyone who lives here, you will probably hear they get around $20/gram.
  9. In ROC 10/G for high mids (NY)

  10. ya i know ppl who go to school down there and they say its 40 a G for killers. i dont no about mids tho. NYC is rediculous
  11. for mids i pay
    10-15 a G
    30-45 a sli
    180-230ish an O
  12. yup. dont expect good prices anywhere in NY/NJ unless you have a good hookup. I normally pay....

    20 a gram
    60 an eighth,
    120-150 a quarter
    200 for a half
    350-500 an ounce
  13. New York City is an expensive place - and weed is a luxury that many people who smoke can afford because they make more money than most other parts of the country, on average. Dealers and growers have expenses, too. I'm just peeved that I don't have enough variety, because I'm out of the loop as far as knowing a lot of smokers or dealers.
  14. yeah man I feel you.. it took me a while to build up new connects after i moved... it was a BITCH. i had to drive a few hours to my old connects to get an O every few weeks cause i didn't know anyone around here. but now its all good i have like 3-4 connects. just get out and ask around. Parties is where i found out about most of my connects.
  15. im saying he fucked up cause he made a 1/3 of an ounce less expansive than a 1/4 even though it is more weed.....poopies
  16. thats exactly just about what I pay and I live in new jersey, 609 area code

    20-30 a gram
    60-70 1/8
    400-500 oz

    and this is the price of middies

  17. oops numbers got mixed up sozz, but yea all my shit i get is dank nothing less, i get my values worth for my $$
  18. yeah it seems ridiculous like 20 a gram for a plant...

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