New Jersey: Nazi naming parents cant get custody of thier kids

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  1. [ame=]N.J. Court: Nazi-naming Parents Can't Get Kids - YouTube[/ame]

    I cant see for the life of me why these clearly mentally stable parents should not get custody of their kids...
    All I see is a big happy family ;)

    eager to see gc thoughts on the matter....:wave::smoke::D;):p
  2. That is kind of hilarious...
  3. What the fuck is this shit? They got their kids taken away for giving them nazi names? wtf? since when is that justifiable means to take someones kids away? I like how the dude responded with, "I like art" considering the swastika was first used in ancient Indian origins before being adopted by the Nazi party..this shit's fucked up.
  4. Thats not the point.
    Fact is that symbol is not recognized right at this moment
    worldwide as "ancient Indian Origins", what ever it was
    first used in has no bearing on the now.
  5. They were taken away for alleged domestic abuse or something, according to the video. You know it's about the names though. You troll the community, they take your kids. :confused_2: Stupid both ways, but people have the right to be stupid so fuck that govt. I should have the right to name my future parent-killer any ostracism-inspiring name I want to.
  6. Another reason not to live in New Jersey.
  7. but should clearly unfit parents be allowed to screw up kids like that,
    there no way those kids are going to grow up and have normal lives, not with parents like these, and on top of that names like these.
    Lets be honest here, I can see them (the kids) all becoming heroin addicts or somethin.
    There is no way you can be honest with your self and believe these parents are fit to raise the kids. :wave:

  8. What gives you the right to decide the right way to raise kids? Maybe next time they take away a socialist or communist's kids. Or a homosexual's kids. Its a slippery slope. We all have fucked up parents it builds character. These kids being put into the system is guaranteed to fuck them up.
  9. It's not the parents fault at all, they're raising their kids their way. It's just that their way doesn't gel with your way. Societies way. These people aren't the problem at all, it's people like you who will look down on these kids and parents for having different views and ideas. Shame on you. A name is a name, nothing more, nothing less. Why are they not fit to raise their kids? They seem like well-spoken intelligent people. elaborate?
  10. The kids said they didn't want to be at home!!!!!!! Thats what they told a neighbor so I have no problem with dcfs taking them. It's not like the kids like there home.
  11. We all know that this guy doesnt have a swastica on his arm cause he likes "art." ALong with the names and the symbol, its apparent he is a neo nazi.

    But the swastica does get a bad rep. It really means peace and unity to Buddhists and other Asian cultures. It wasnt until Hitler took it and turned it 45 degrees that it became a world wide recognized symbol of hate.
  12. If you want me to respond to your question properly and thoroughly, answer mine first:


    Uploaded with

    Ok this is me elaborating:
    How many couples can you show me that are nazi sympathizers with swastika tattoos and have raised mentally healthy kids,
    show me one couple,
    shame on you for attacking me for not thinking like you,

    you dont agree with me, that's nice, why dont you elaborate how they should be allowed to raise kids, in fact why dont you do that with actual people who can change the ruling,
    good luck with that :wave:
    good luck convincing any sane judge why they should be allowed custody of their kids,
    you dont like this society? move out live in a different society, whats stopping you?

  13. Bullshit. I bet if you showed the swastika to most rural people in china and india... two segments that make a huge chunk of the worlds population... they would think first of buddhists if you showed them a swastika, and not of nazi's.

    the swatiska is used more in the "now" as a religious buddhist symbol than the nazi symbol.

    Go to china, india, nepal. Swatiskas are on everything, and I think the people in those countries don't pay much mind to the nazi symbol/ideology.
  14. Just because his real name is Adolf Hitler, doesnt mean he cant have a shorter nickname.. And this also doesnt mean that he cant change his name later on in life.. This is fucking bullshit and they shoulde get their kids back..
  15. LOL, I'm a troll? check my post count and join date bro I'm no troll...

    You assume, clearly, that JUST because they have Nazi beliefs that they're automatically HORRIBLE parents, which I think is complete BULLSHIT.

    Trust me I wish I could move out of this society, unfortunately that's not an option right now due to a number of factors..By the way fuck "love it or leave it" try "change it or lose it"..
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    let me give you a clue jack, the parents aren't Indian or Chinese and dont live in China :wave:

    edit- in fact Im willing to bet, that they dont know jack shit about cultures of China and India, he has a swastika tattoo and a kid named hitler, and you talking to me about China and India,
    LOL just LOL

  17. Part of your argument was that here in the "now" people only associate the swatiska with nazi's.

    Funny you complain about how other people debate and argue, and then when some one gives a differing point you can't handle it.

    Sounds like some one posted here for a little confirmation bias
  18. I don't even know what to feel about their names. But if the kids told their neighbors they are scared and don't want to live at home or whatever, that's definitely a means for some investigation on child service's part. That is fact, not opinion. Whether or not they should be removed from their home and seperated from their parents is another issue
  19. Haha Can you imagine actually having the name "Adolph Hitler"?

    School would be interesting.
  20. Thats not right for their kids to be taken away. BUT HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Aryan Nation Campbell?
    Adolf Hitler Campbell?

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