New Jersey man shoots police officers while under arrest.

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  1. So now we know, even if you own a gun, even if you are a cop trained to use that weapon, it may not discourage people from taking your weapon and trying to kill you. Cheers.

    Police station shooting: armed assailant shoots 3 officers, is killed in return fire |

  2. Did you read the article?
  3. So don't give them the chance.....those cops obviously had their head up their ass's, got complacent and fucked up. There is absolutely zero excuse for a target/suspect/perp to get hold of your weapon....EVER. If the Lt/CPT at the station is worth their weight in salt they will hem that cop up like a fine pair of slacks and send them for additional training as soon as he's cleared for duty.

    Edit: PD's nation wide should up their PT standards hardcore....keep shit like this from happening.
  4. Yes I did.
  5. Okay just checking.

    Is this an argument for or against something?

    Or you're just saying cops got shot by a criminal....
  6. Shouldn't have taken his buds....
  7. Super duper cop fail.

    How does an armed individual (let alone a cop) allow that to happen?
    In a fucking police station.
  8. Cops are human too. Humans make mistakes, probably had his back turned.

    Anyone can sneak up behind a police officer and unholster his weapon
  9. Yeah, that dude was just ballsy and stupid enough to do it. :smoking:
  10. It's New Jersey. Probably the shittiest state out there.

    Furthermore, the situation seemed to work the best with the armed individuals who are trained to deal with criminals. As you can see from the article the criminal was killed during return fire, and all the cops survived.

    If your job is to work with violent criminals all day, you can't guarantee you won't be shot at by someone.

    I don't think anyone ever claimed that firearm ownership eliminates the threat of someone trying to attack you.

    A gun is insurance. Insurance doesn't prevent something from happening. It just helps you WHEN something happens.

    Being a cop is a high risk job when it comes to this stuff. Personally, my job is pretty low risk.
  11. I'm still very surprised it happened at a police station around so many cops.
  12. I don't understand why members of GC cite a single incident involving guns and think they are really arguing for one side or the other of the gun control debate.
    It's a pretty weak argument. Obviously.

    "Look what happened in this one incident!!"

    People use similar arguments for and against drug laws. Lets all try to be less narrow minded.

  13. Thats why I think that it should be ILLEGAL for the police to carry firearms they have shown time and time again that they are reckless and irresponsible.
  14. cop slipped.
  15. are you serious or sarcastic?
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    Should have been doing his job correctly.

    A lot people can be killed at their place of employment if they perform the task incorrectly with no firearm involved.

    Edit: Im not even sure the stance or point your making in this thread?
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    I will say that it is absolutely true that the state has shown itself to be a lot more ruthless, incompetent and gun happy then Adam Lanza or any other mass shooter.
    The state should be the entity were talking about disarming not the American people.
  18. Considering he is an anarchist probly serious.

    I believe we don't even.need.cops
  19. No dude in the old days if someone had something no one ever used violence to take it. Guns caused it

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