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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by adelux188, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. I live in NJ and its about 70-90 degrees in the summertime, and i was interested in growing some to last me from fall to spring, or howevr much i can make, i usually smoke about a gram a week, maybe more. but i have many acres of woods behind my house, and there is even a open field in the middle of the woods, i just got some questions
    1) when should i plant?
    2) when should i harvest
    3) how many grams will i get per one plant
    4) how much attention do they need
    5) wat types of soil should i use
    6) should i use the seeds i get from the MJ i buy, beacuse i cant buy off the net
    7) should i use any artificial growing things, like miracle grow or ne thing
    8) will they re grow the next year

    thats about all i can think about right now
    any help would be really useful thnx
  2. dont jsut spew out a bunch of questions and expect help... help yourself first... ust the GOD DAMN SEARCH BUTTON... i know u can see it, i can see it, please dont make me smack u :D
  3. hey dude, u dont needa be a duschebag about it
  4. well certainly u can get all the answers u want by doing a search of this site, using the key words u wrote urself.

    couple of other comments,

    NJ is a big place, i cannot give u a planting/start date unless u give me ur exact location site. frankly i dont wanna know so dont even bother. here is a map and it gives u the freeze dates of ur area. add 2 weeks to both sides and u have ur safe growing in ur area.
  5. k, thnx dude

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