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New Jersey Bud Quality

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tree Of Life, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. #1 Tree Of Life, Jun 3, 2013
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    How many of you guys are getting actual dank? All the buds I can find lately leave black ash in my bowl and taste/smell weird. It even sizzles when you smoke it... Not good at all. :( Are any of you actually getting nice nugs and if so what do you usually pay for eighths/quarters/halves/ounces?

    Prices I get:

    Not sure about ounces.
    Keep in mind this stuff is basically high mids.
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    I'm sure you already know you're getting unflushed bud, but yeah those are pretty much my prices for dank here in mn. I shouldn't even say dank because middies and shwag aren't known here. And if they are, someone will try to pass it off for 20\\gram which is fucking ridiculous in my opinion.
  3. #3 SnapBack, Jun 3, 2013
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    This is the bud I'm getting from North Jersey. I would rank it a high mids, and my prices are cheaper because i get sourced from a growers connect [rather than a random middleman]. However, when my friends pick up [from their dealers] their prices they get are:
    45$/60$ eighth
    90$/120$ quart
    150$/220$ half
    300$+ ounces
    I feel bad for when my friends pick up, they pay a little less than double for what I get. I can easily get ounces for 170$-220$, my friend told me [after switching dealers] he was paying around 400$ for ounces. Now he pays 320$, but shit, to me that's like 2 ounces.
  4. Yeah I know. The sad thing is it's all I can get right now, and what's even more sad is I don't think it's just unflushed. I'm starting to think it's a lot worse than that. Like adulterated worse. It's not cool at all man.

    Yeah, I'm up north as well and I used to pay 60/120/220 for some really nice stuff. Sadly all i can get now is bud that's obviously been messed with. Check out my thread on adulterated weed in New Jersey.
  5. Nice stuff is still around. Just need to make a wide network of friends to find it. 
  6. You know I get the dank man :D Ive had a grower living a few houses down that moved from cali a few years ago. He was a medical patient there, but his disease doesnt apply to mmj in new jersey so he just grows his own. He took with him from cali, the best pheno ever in my opinion of afghan diesel, he grows something he likes to call Mars 46 too, the nugs are so purple they are almost black and it smells like pure grapes/ grape jolly ranchers. The blue dream he is currently growing is honestly the frostiest plant ive ever seen, he has 3 growing right now, each cut came from a mother plant that was beautiful. The dank is here man i promise. 
  7. i think youve seen the buds ive gotten before, i would post threads in the stash jar section.
    140/half oz

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