New Jack Needs Assistance...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by buzzcutz, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Hello my friends, brand new to the site...looking for some easy to comprehend growing info for a small hydroponics kit i purchased from called the bubbleponics system. My big issue right now, is knowing if the lights that come with the kit will be efficient for growing one or two plants at a time (this is just for recreational use). But if they arent good enough, can somebody give me some good straight up simple info on these blue and red spectrum lights I need?!?! Also, do I use both the blue and red spectrum lights at the same time like the pictures show on the website for the kit i bought?!I just want some easy to follow info about which lights I can get that will work fine for just 1 to 2 plants, and that are relatively cheap. I'm broke, but would love to be able to have my own stash, ya know? Someone just plug me in with exactly what I should buy,(im willing to order from a website) tell me EXACTLY, and its gotta be cheap, I'm not looking to grow some outer space shit, just want some pretty good stuff for myself. I appreciate anyone who is willing to speak with me through email or messaging on here or whatever so that I can ask questions that you may be able to answer for me. Thank you once again. Enjoy expanding your mind! I do!

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