New Jack in the Box Stoner Commercial

Discussion in 'General' started by mn9500, May 13, 2009.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - Jack in the Box - 99 tacos commercial - HD[/ame]

    What do you guys think of the commericial. I think its hilarious.
  2. Thats just like the other one like that... I'd find it but .... fuck it
  3. I had some Jack in the crack today

    those little burgers are bomb :D
  4. No....Yeah..
  5. Do you know what the filling inside of a Jack In The Box taco is made from?

    Bean curd, pigs knuckles, and Satan's toe-jam. MMMmmmm...

    They are fucking delicious! Thanks, Satan, for making those tacos so tasty!
  6. Haha saw this on tv yesterday.
  7. yea i liked it
  8. HAHAHA oh my God oh my God! IT IS PERFECT!
  9. NO...Yeah. LOL!!!
  10. I think it's really awesome because they are telling everyone that its cool to go there high.

    Plus, stoners are probably a quarter of their customers lol

    (i'm one :rolleyes:)

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