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New Jack in the Box commercial, made especially for us

Discussion in 'Television/Internet TV/VOD/DVD' started by Marktasti, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Anyone else see this, I caught it last night when I was stoned as hell.  This ad seems to be made specifically for stoners like us, hell they call it the Munchie Meal and one of the guys is flying.  Obviously a stoner commercial

  2. They could call it "Heart Attack In A Box", lol. 
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    I'm going to call it a bad morning meal, just imagine getting high and eating that whole box and after you wake up, ugh
    Jack and the Box saved my life. Please stop hating on it.
  5. Jack in the box

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  6. Oh my god. There better be a jack in the box near me, that looks fucking delicious. The entrees all look specially tailored for stoners.
  7. You fucker, I don't even believe there's a Jack in the Box in my state ha

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  8. Maybe fat stoners

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  9. I've gotten it before.

    Its not all that great but it did the trick. Not a bad deal either. :confused_2:
     I'd rather have the massage from his sister.
  11. sorry jack, but wendys and BK are closer to my house
  12. Isn't this meal only available after 9 ? And damn that sucks if you don't have a jack ...... Also got in n out ......

    But I wish I had a White Castle over here .....
  13. I wanna try it out so bad!! Me and my friends would hit up jack every night after smoking and partying, good times
  14. not with that attitude.
  15. really a stacked grilled cheese burger, thats dank
  16. Jack in the Box does it again...
    ALMOST makes up for taking away the fucking french toast sticks..last year in Washington. That shit hurt badly lol...

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