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New Jack Herer pickup

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bostonbuds87, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Got some of this JH last night, not the best jack ive got this year but its still definitely gets me pretty lit, id give it a 7/10

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    • jh3.jpg
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    • jh4.jpg
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    • jh6.jpg
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    • jh.jpg
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  2. i guess everyone hates my JH :(
  3. nah dude, i LOVE it. nice fat sack homie. im about to blaze my first bowl of the day. it is 12:01 eastern time ;)
  4. also, when i see the small photo link, the weed has a brownish tint to it, and comes off as somewhat "lower grade", but damn when i see those blown up triches fucking galore. good shit man!
  5. hehe i was thinkin the same thing, especially bout the second to last picture.....your appreciation is appreciated....lawl
  6. Does it have a nice sativa high? I've never seen jack herrer so dark, but theres always a first.

    Nice Buds! :smoke:
  7. ive been smoking indicas the past few weeks so that sativa high is welcoming
  8. fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

    And yes sativa>indica
  9. nice pickup man, Im about to be dry soo looking at that makes me sad :eek:
  10. dont rly look like jh to me
  11. not sure they are JH but they do look good. nice stash!:smoking:
  12. lol i'm on the north shore and i'm smoking some IDENTICAL trees

    let me try and get a pic of my next zip, or i could perhaps snap one of my current stash (about fifteen grams or so)

    i need a camera and we can compare siblings haha
  13. AND i drive a WRX

    wicked cool
  14. Too bad I don't have the same bud, but I also drive a WRX :p

    Nice buds man! :smoking:
  15. thanks for the comments ppl, and to those who think its not jack.....your wrong...sorry
  16. sick lookin bud man. Looks good when zoomed in for sure.
  17. wow... revived a 7 day old thread just for a negative comment.
  18. yeeeeeeee i was smokin on some jack herer the other day, pretty good
  19. Damn dude, that's some fire ass JH. I really wish i could get my hands on some where i am. Enjoy that shit man. Rip some fat ass bong packs.

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