New Invention I Thought Of When Eating Waffles

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  1. I loveeeee ego waffles, with syrup on them. But when i try to put the syrup on i want all the little
    Crevices filled with syrup, yet i have a hard time with this. I was thinking of a way to fill the holes up with syrup, and thought of a way, imagine a cylinder can thing, with syringes lined up with the pattern in the waffle, then you fill, and pump, BAM! evenly distributed syrup. Thank you :)
  2. If the waffles are crispy you can use your fork to make canals between the squares and it fills up faster.
    Damn, waffles are so much cooler than pancakes, I need to stop slacking and get me a waffle maker.
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    thats actually not a bad idea... i mean its super fucking simple and stupid sounding, but i think everyone wants to fill those holes up with syrup but thn you drench the waffles with too much(is there really too much) syrup...
    plus how many other inventions; sound, look, and perform ridiculous?? yet there they are bringing the person quick money whether it is millions, hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands, or enough to cover R&D
  4. I think the best marketable option would be a sort of dispenser you screw onto an ant jemimah syrup bottle that's essentially a tube with 4-6 spouts for the syrup to come out, and while squeezing the syrup out, you spin it 360 degrees. waffle sizes vary, so an injector might not be practical
  5. I have no trouble with the syrup but getting butter all over your waffle is downright impossible. I'd buy one for butter, or preferably one that could do both (even though I'd still probably only use it for the butter.)
  6. I like it, it's like a challenge. Especially when I'm high because then it's like my mission as a spy: "you must fill up every square with syrup or the world will explode" whooo talk about some motivation. 
  7. this is my kind of thread
  8. Lol. It's totally the butter and not the syrup. Who cares if there isn't syrup in every crevice? There's syrup on the plate and usually syrup that's left over that goes to waste. The real problem is the butter!

    It gets in the center of the waffle and thats it. Then I feel like a fatty if I add more to cover the whole thing.
  9. sometimes you just gotta live
  10. It's all about the country crock...slather it on..then the syprup.
    I use a little bit of Mrs.Butterworth's,...get em a lil moist..put that seconds waffle on to get the bottom waffle even more melted. LOL Id make like 3-4 at a time when I had a 4slot toaster.
    Aunt Jemima Blueberry
    EGGS Cinnamon Toast
    FUCK REAL's about that spreadable :metal:
  11. when i eat waffles i pour a bit of syrup on the floor because im gangsta and i got money
  12. Genious
  13. Good idea now I'm gonna take that idea, mass produce and Patton it before you then you're out of an idea.
  14. Those would be some award winning waffles. :yummy:
  15. you know what else is amazing on waffles? Fill the holes up with either tomato sauce or some other delicious sauce then put some cheese(s) on top of that and throw it into the toaster oven/oven till the cheese is good and melted/bubbling. 
    Pizza waffles!!! And other toppings on it can make it amazing :p

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