New Intrusions!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Mayor_LaLa, Jul 18, 2002.


    I am asking that everyone that lives within the bounds of the USA, and Canada to PLEASE send this to everybody you know, to your local news and television stations, any where you think people will see and read this notice.

    This is a VERY SCAREY situation that is brewing here! Many may think that I am overreacting to this news..... but..... someone has to.... and if WE just sit by and let this happen then we deserve whatever the Government decides to do to us!!!!!!!
  2. Of course it's frightening. You see the light. I see the light. But the bottom line is "what can we do when 75% of the US population has been hoodwinked into believing that this is a necessary act by a benevolent president who is only looking out for the little people against the big bad wolves who would surely blow our house down"

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