New inline prec *Pics Inside*

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  1. Hey guys, I just picked up this Inline 6 arm prec. Here are some pics. The way it has the hole in the bowl is dope too.







    His amazing. I loaded up some keif on those bowls too. Any questions ill answer em.

  2. Nice pickup bro, how much did it run you?

    And get some milk up ASAP :D!
  3. awesome piece man, a nice inline is on my list

    that's an ice pinch bowl btw
  4. Thanks guys!

    I have never seen one before. what exactly is the point of it?

    Also it has a splash gaurd and ice catcher.
    I was also going to get a nice milk shot for the first rip but I didnt want to hold the camera and get a bad first rip then I just got too high. Ill get some tonight forsure.
  5. the point of an ice pinch bowl is to allow more air/smoke flow through the bowl. but the down side is that if you dont clean them often they clog and become push style bowls.

    do u know who made that tube?

  6. Lol, that's what we like to hear :)!
  7. i believe its off etsy correct? guy has a bunch, i believe he gets them off of gorillaglass or something i remember reading? iuno if thats the same inline but looks almost identical..

    sick inline id love to see a milk i was lookin in ordering one off him, fair price for a dope inline

  8. How much was he asking?
  9. Beautiful inline man :D

    How much did it cost?

  10. If i can remember correct and its same inline.. offer were from 200-120 and i seen a few offers accepted at 140 i believe!!

    there was also a sick ass biohazard one going for 200ish range

    bad ass inline once again bro
  11. Thanks guys. It ran me $140 out the door and i got cleaner and bee line with it.

    Ill get a milk shot/video after i get home tonight.
  12. sick pick up man, and for a great price too!! Enjoy man + rep for pictures, thanks for sharing!! :):smoking::smoking:
  13. Ziggi just released his version of this on his website. Im dying to buy his but I dont know if its comming to GC.

    god I hope it does. =*(
  14. I need to check it out - Nice pick up I seen one at the head shop from gorilla for like $120.00
  15. Beautiful pickup.

    I'm looking at one very similar.
    This is the one I want to get when I get the money (And if it's still available). Only $120. ;)


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