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    Macro's and hopefully a milk video. But enjoy it youngin's of GC. :D Rob C has some amazing pieces for whole sale value. Hit me up if you want his info.:smoke:

    Also, sorry about the dirtiness Rob and I had a sesh with this. It got out of hand.:p

    Water Level testing
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  2. How much did you pick it up for? Looks like a pretty decent mini bong though.
  3. very nice. got milk?
  4. Looks very fragile...
  5. Milk will be up in a little bit. I paid 60 for it. :smoke:
  6. sick deal for 60 looks like a beauty man
  7. verrry unique piece man, and for 60$, thats a steal.
  8. Yeah that's a straight price for 60 I'd pick that up for that price. looks like a nice lil peice man
  9. I think....

    haha, just messin'

    Honestly though homie, sick glass.
    I would have dropped at least 100$ for that at my headshop.

    Lucky ass!
  10. Is your local blower Campy in RI? Looks vaguely his style, he does inlines, bases like that, fillas and has been doing some of that style splash guard lately. Nice pick up anyways!
  11. I like the filacello

  12. We've got a winner on the glass blower. Picked that, my sovereignty and another bowl up off of him.
  13. Nice glass but that base is tinyyy
  14. Looks pretty good for $60.

    That is a pretty interesting design too, never seen that before.

    Plus im pretty sure its an unwritten law here but you HAVE to milk the piece you post up. :smoke:
  15. Milk is coming when I can figure this nikon out. :smoke: And the milk I post is off a hit of a Jeffrey (cocktail of drugs.)
  16. The Jeffrey!
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  18. Waaaayyy too much water in that thing man, their is probably so much drag.

    You should be putting enough water to cover the inline completely. No more, no less.

    The hits will be alot more enjoyable due to less drag.

    Other than that, sick milk. I still really like that side chamber design. With a little more work and perfecting his method, that blower may have something going.
  19. Too much water? The bubble is a second chamber bubbler. As you see the flaws that is why it was only 60 bucks.:smoke:
  20. Bump: The base isn't too tiny for being in a case and not traveling at all is it?:rolleyes:

    Enjoy the sabath stoners.

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