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  1. Just a basic, clear inline bubbler (but it's my first one :)). 14mm joint, 12 slots on the diffuser. And the little guy hits like a champ. I couldn't help but take a rip out of it before pictures and it's extremely smooth. I didn't expect there to be that big of a difference, but it hits a lot smoother than my percolated bong and you can take a bigger hit.

    *the pictures make it look a little yellow, it's perfectly clear. I hit it once and the lighting's a little yellowish in this room.

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  2. I'm actually really digging the design of this thing.

    How much did it cost ya? Any idea who blew it?
  3. $150. I can PM you where I got it, they had 3 more just like it sitting there. The blower is a guy in Iowa. I looked at a worked, tree perc bong he did too and it was very nice.
  4. Alright price, nice piece!!

    Try changing the bulbs to compact fluorescents for a more white light. :)
  5. I wish I had the money to pick one up. :(
  6. That is stunning. PM me the site please. I've been looking all around central and eastern MA for a inline in that price range.

    Edit: Is that a mini bic or regular size bic?
  7. it's a full sized bic. 7" wide at the base, 8" tall

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