New Inline bubbler (pictures and milk inside)

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  1. Her name is Serendipity, and she smokes like a champ :smoke:





    sorry she's a little dirty, bad day at work= rips out the wazoo tonight :metal:

    anyone want milk? :smoke:

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  2. I want some milk!
  3. Clean your piece dude!
    It honestly does really affect the taste.
    Like the color design.
  4. i will, i just snapped some impromptu pictures at the end of my sesh...

    fresh water for right now, but i see some iso and salt in her near future
  5. Sick piece! Now I know what I want for Christmas!!
  6. got milk?
  7. Sorry for the long wait everyone, I made a milkvid in the middle of my last sesh to make up for it. Hits like a champ, I may have the water level a bit off in the inline part, but I like it :smoke:

    [ame=]Movie on 2011-11-28 at - YouTube[/ame]

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