New Inline Ashcatcher + J-Hook Combo Bubbler

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  1. Hey guys! I'm new to Grasscity. Just wanted to post about my 14mm Inline Ashcatcher + J-Hook bubbler I got on sunday! :hello: Was psyched to pick up this piece for 110 all together (including carbon filter which is so nifty)!

    Best drag on any piece I've ever hit with tons of diffusion. :smoke:

    The carbon filter keeps it very very clean, but the taste "neutralizing" affect may be offputting to some. It's perfect for keeping an inline clean though, as they get ashes stuck easily :}

    P.S. Was wondering if anyone could refer me to a place to get a better J-hook for this piece that wouldn't be too big! Images.aspx?img=1_1105032144504837307coc43&fmt=.jpg

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  2. Sorry for the bobo pics! will attach better ones soon.
  3. I know this old but i found this in a google search and noticed you didnt get any love so i just want to say props! thats a sick set up i love the ash catcher j-hook combo!
  4. Why does it have the "Best Drag"? Whats that? NIce piece though dude.
  5. I think he means it has very little drag, like it's very easy to pull smoke through. The best drag is no drag in my book haha
  6. Kulture in Richmond va makes a nice j piece for 40$
  7. very nice piece! love the inline. if the op is still subbed to this thread, post it in my j hook thread!

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