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  1. Thinking of starting up an indoor grow and here is what i'm looking at getting so far, i don't really have any interest in building my own even if it does save me alot!, so keep that in mind when making changes / suggestions to the list.

    So in short what I'm looking for is good quality equipment, this may be my first grow but i want to do it well, like everyone I'm aiming to get a big yield and more importantly dank bud.

    I am looking for suggestions on what nutrients to use and various other suggestions and tools you think i may need, also advice and comments on the lighting would be great.
  2. So, are you looking at just running one box, and switching out bulbs on a convertible ballast to move from veg to flower?

    1000w of MH is a lot of light for the average veg box. I'm not familiar with your tent, everything I pulled up searching for it seems to be in german. But I think they're 1 square meter?

    If you're saving a lot by combining ballasts, go for it. But long run, you won't really need that much light, always good to keep the power usage down where possible. Makes all that dank more profitable...
  3. Yeah I'm just running one box and thinking about having 3 plants in a V shape if you look at the hydro box pic, as for the lights i really am lacking in knowledge here and would love some advice, i just went for the best looking / highest wattage bulbs.

    And here are the homebox specs

    Technical Info:
    Size assembled (cm):\t120 x 120 x 200
    (inch):\t47 1/4 x 47 1/4 x 78 3/4
    Size Packed (cm):\t118 x 38 x 11
    (inch):\t46 1/2 x 15 x 4 1/3
    Weight (kg):\t13,6
    (us lb):\t29,92
  4. I agree 1000w is a lot for three plants. The solution, add some plants! I ALWAYS use Hortilux for bulbs! There should be a lot more to your system than two bulbs and a tray if you want to do it right. As for nutes, I like House & Garden as a starting point then I have a bunch of other brands. There is a guide on here in this section that will explain everything. Hope you like to read haha
  5. Ok how about a Hortilux Eye for the bulb? how many or what wattage should i go for if I have 3 plants?.
  6. Personally, I would just go with a 600w hps for that box. They're a bit more efficient than a 1000, and cause less heat issues. And I'd probably throw some T5s, pc fans, and panda plastic in a closet for veg.

    Also, I'd think about going for 4-6 slightly smaller plants in that box. It's pretty roomy in there.

    And the Eyes are good bulbs, or so I hear. Mine will be turning on next friday :)
  7. Not that Being small is nice but Heres what you can do at a max.
    I can fit 9 4 foot tall in 5 gallon buckets in my Homebox white xl
    I can do 16 1 foot high plants in 2 gallon perfect pots
    A 1000 watt will work nicely in there so will two 400 watt or 1 16 tube t-5 bad boy the biggest in T-5 lighting (i want one sooo bad)
    Currently running a pioneer VIII four foot T-5 and a 24"X four tube T-5
    I reccomend 6" ventilation I use a 33 filter can with a vortex fan I dial it down so i get a little air Dwell time on the charcoal.

    The 3 most important things you need to know
    1 use a carbon scrubber for smell (Nothing does it better
    2 tell no one about your grow (just show up with your finished product and say hey guys look at what i just bought.
    3 watch the ph of your water (kits with ajusting fluid $20)

    Everything else you seem to be up to date on like looking for nutrients and that sort of thing
  8. If there is room, get 2 lights. 1 should be a 430 wt. hps with the enhanced spectrum. I love it for vegging and it can be help in flowering too. Then maybe get a 600 wt. Just use the 430 for veg and both for flowering,

    You can do three plants but I would veg them for several weeks and grow them big.

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