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  1. Hey whats up guys, I know im new to the fourms but im glad to be here for a first post :D

    So i'm planning a new indoor grow with a room about 6ft(l) x 3ft(w) x 8ft(h).

    Right now i'm still in the planning and inter-workings of the actual box. But i do have the lighting setup pretty done.

    Im going to be running 3x 65w (2700k) Cfls
    5x 40w (2700k) Cfls
    4x 23w (6500k) Cfls
    Here is some of the goodies i got for the lights, including reflectors hanging lights which i might just take back.

    I still need to get a oscillating fan for some airflow in the airtight box.

    What im thinking is having one part of the box for just veg, it will be completely light-proof so i can keep it in with the flowing space. This will have the 4 (6500k) lights in it along with some airflow and ventilation.

    The main area of the box will be the flowing area and will take up the most space. Since the room is 6ft long and about 3 feet wide i'm thinking about doing a 6-10 plant sea of green with 2 weeks in veg and flip it to 12-12 under the 3-65w and 5-40w for a quick perpetual? Will this be enough space and time?

    I will be using Fox Farm Ocean Forest with the Fox Farm Grow Big/Tiger Bloom/Big Bloom Trio. in 1-2 gallon pots (once again is this big enough or should i get bigger buckets/pots?)

    A few questions as this is my first grow (i've been researching for about a month straight now but i still feel its not enough):mad:
    -how long will this flip around take to bud?
    -thinking about adding some led's in for supplemental growth
    -i am using space blankets for reflection in the boxes along with flat white paint is that good or enough?
    -ventilation in the big box is going to be a oscillating fan along with 120mm case fans for the veg box and larger grow space along with carbon filters (is this good enough)
    -any help or advice would be great

    ill be adding pictures of the build when it starts.:hello:
  2. 1 gallon pots should be fine 2 gallon is for bigger grows (2-3ft) 8 2700k bulbs for 10 pots should be fine put the 65w in the middle and try to huddle the plants close since those will be brightest and plants will grow towards them anyways lower watt bulbs will take more to equal hid but more light sources is better (2 600w hid better than 1 1000w) just use a funnel to feed plants veg the mother plants about 2 months for large mothers then cut clones by time the clones grow big enuff to flower then you should be able to cut more clones 4 23w 6500k bulbs will veg very well (very bright) just make sure you feed plants well and they will grow

    everything looks good from the start now get started plants take time to grow so the sooner the better
  3. Yeah i still have to actually build the box and innards of the box before is start anything really. But i think this setup should be up and running within the next few weeks so tune in i guess lol.
  4. ill pull up a chair for this show! i am in the planning/studying phase right now for my first micro, so keep in mind anything i say is coming from a total newb with zero experience...and i will most likely be sufficiently medicated too haha!
    I was wondering what the dimensions are for the box are gonna bulid? you mentioned the size of the room it will be in, but i didnt see anything about the box itself?
    anywho, im buckled in for this one! happy gardening!
  5. Good luck!
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    oh the actual grow room or "box" is the dimensions of the box I listed up there. im going to be growing some ak and ak cali kush. ( any info about those strains would be good too) but when im trying to do this perpetual when I have my mother and get clones from her. what do I do with her after?
  7. I was thinking about placing mine near a window, possibly out side weather permit, or to start on a desk under a lamp maybe. But in the future I will be designing a full cabinet mother and clones on top, flowering chamber below.

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