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    hey ya'll.

    been lurking on and off forever. just wanted to sign up and say waddup.seems like a cool place to blow off off steam. so whats up grasscity? im G, from toronto. hope to be around as much as i can.

    P.S. when you guys post. do you post from home? especially when posting pics of chron or whatever.milk vids, etc? thanks. might be one of the reasons i never registered i wanted to do those things,but dont plan to go to the library everytime i wanna do that. honesty thanks ya'll


  2. nobody? ok u got me,im a fed. im trying to catch u guys thru this forum,lol. ( and even tho i think they may cruise these sites looking for anybody stupid enough to try and sell openly like ive seen on craigslist, lol "people offering pot openly.never sure if its po po trying to trap smokers, or some super fuckin dumb, bust ass dealers" lol ) but yup im a fed. like cmon.

    im just a stoner whos constantly chiefin on that good. i just want to know what my level of participation should be on here?

    my fave thing to do on this site is look at bud shots, and check out new glass and watching the "milk" vids and shit. and again am just curious if i need to worry and keep my contributions limited to writing. or if its not a smart idea to get down like some of ya'll do with the pics and vids. as im postin from home, and will continue to do so for the vast majority of anything i post as i dont drive, and am on disability.

    also i dont have any grow going here (so how worried should i really be? but i have been convicted of a federal indictable offece.but havent been in ANY trouble for over ten years) but am still worried about trouble with police. as they say here "once uve been down below (in the federal system/the pen) thats where u stay if u get in trouble again" any equipment stored here. and it sucks. as there are was to get legal in toronto.and i totally fit the bill. and my shrink is even willing to write me the letter i need. the only thing stopping me is i cant get a signature from the owner of the property,as its a building, and a co-op at that. so there is no one owner from my all id be doing is outing myself to my superintendents, and management. and still would definately not get what i need.

    bottomline, i am not trying to go back to the pen for a couple of ounces of bud. 3 is the most i ever have. and thats only cause i dont like heating up my spot. plus id rather spend the money while i have it. as some people cant ration weed.i can. but i cant ration money. so u can do the math on that

    sorry for the novel guys. i need not anything personal from anyone. tell me please what i can do on here from home and feel comfortable. tell me about what ur "friend" does on here,lol. THANK YOU


  3. HELLO CANADA! Just kidding. Welcome to GC!

    Kinda weird that no one else has posted lol :confused_2: but way to introduce yourself!

    I usually post from home or laptop yeah, or there's a gc app I also heard about which I'm guessing allows you to log in through mobile.

    Anyyyyyyyyywayyy, enjoy the site and feel free to post any questions or matters you'd like discuss. There's a random spot for everything here and I'm thankful for the questions this site has answered for me so browse around and you'll be able to learn new shiat as well as meet new people.

    ENJOY YOUR DAY! CIAO! :hello:
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    hopefully someone can link me a thread where this has been covered.cause i cant see me being the 1st to have this concern and voice it. do yall who post vids and pics of ur grabs worry about doing it from home? im positive grow updates are posted from elsewhere or that would just be stupid imo. but id like to contribute pictures of some of the dank we smoke down here ( not like cali) but our buds we get shipped down from bc are better then what my buddy smuggled back from amsterdam. said it was the best of the 40 or 50 strains he sampled in the 3 weeks he was there. some haze named after a dude with a funny name. wasnt very impressed. my usually has 3 diff kinds. he usually only shows me two saying "u wouldnt take that" in reference to the weakest one. then he will have a b+ to triple a sativa and indica. sometimes all three are triple's and he sells vaccum sealed half ounces (half ounce min) but gives me breaks the more i buy. another reason i grab once a month. but i think i still would even without the breaks,as they didnt come till a few months after i met him, but again, i dont like heating up my spot as he delivers but i gotta hop in his car,plus i like to cure what u get (and if its really great,like to cure for a long time and save for special occasions often) im telling ya. i can be anorexic with the shit when i need to but thats not true,as im always smoking on something else if i am saving some of what i was smoking last month or the month before. for instance i have about a gram left of some blue dream i got almost 4 months ago.cure is no longer improving it.just stores perfect without being bone. frig. my neurosis cant help but keep me from writing novels everytime i write a ill try and add a pic for all the reading. this is something i grabbed this winter i believe.some nice o.g



    p.s. anyone wanna tell me how i can make pics show up right on the screen please. thanks again for all the help and kind words tammm

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