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New illy!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Flying Zebra, May 26, 2009.

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  2. solid bong man. I have been thinking abourt an illy for a while, but I dunno if I will ever get one. How much the mids costing ya?

    Happy tokin :smoking: and enjoy that new sexy bong
  3. Images are not working for me when i try to enlarge?:confused:
  4. i second that
  5. How much you throw down for the tube?
  6. That looks better :p Sexy piece man would love to see better pics of that bowl.:hello:
  7. Hehe, i got it for 200 with the diffused stem and some cleaner. Gotta love the k-clip too thats just a sweet $5 piece of plastic :p

    And smokey you are awful needy but i suppose i could take some more pics when i get her back out tonight :D
  8. Awesome Pick up. Ive got an Illy of my own.

    Is it just me or does it seem like everyone who has one, gives it a girl's name?

    Im one of those people lol (Her name is Jenny) Just wondering.:smoking:
  9. Heh i dunno if ive given it a girls name YET...but her just seemed to might consider it. Havent sat down to think of a name. So. to do list :smoking:
  10. most guys name everything girls names because they are easier to rember than a guys name well atleast more willing to rember

    but nice piece either way ive been lookin into a illy for awhile

  11. Indeed, hit that piece i must:smoking: I must say tho this is a very fine Illadelph you got at a pretty good price! Happy toking and maybe a milk shot aswell?:yay:
  12. illy and xbox mhmmm

    for me its

    ph(x) and ps3

  13. woooot i love illys

  14. haha yeah man but where its really at is the Illadelph (or any other sorta marijuana smoking) and the N64. Smash bros is my shit...some mario kart on the side. good stuff good stuff
  15. Sick! I have the same one. :bongin:

  16. I have not played smash bros since the N64 was popular. That game was great, going to have to play it again someday :bongin:Enjoy the Illy!

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