New Illy hot hit wand. First time user.

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  1. Just picked this up at my LHS. Got a Vector torch to go with it too. This thing is great for flavor. I'm a hemp wick user and my favorite brand is Bee-Line but all I can get around me is I-TAL which in all honesty, tastes like plastic. So I decided I'd give this a try after watching a CCC episode featuring it, and now... I think I've found a new favorite toking method.:hello:

    [ame=]SG Mini Bent Neck Stemline w. Ben Wilson DD slide & illadelph hot hit wand - YouTube[/ame]

  2. Just moved from wick to wand in the last two months myself. Great pickup! There is no better taste achieved from a bong than one with a glass wand.

  3. solar hits.
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    Mmmmm. Good point.
  5. Vaporizer Wand.
  6. i need to get me one of these. how much did the torch and wand together cost you?

    i got some cash maybe thats what ill get. heard its real different flavor
  7. Looks tasty man, I've gotta pick one of these up.
  8. nice one man...same Rasta Label Hot hit wand i go to Amazon and get the Table top bench torch which is the one on that other site for $80 you can get it on Amazon for $50...its a great torch

  9. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... you've tempted me... i may make a visit to my LHS tonight after work......
  10. hot hit wands do make the weed taste reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good..

    i used one but burnt the fuck out of myself numerous times.... just beeline now
  11. 20 bones for the wand, and 50 for the torch. Not too bad.
  12. dont the herb irons for 70bones on Amazing Libido Techniques do the exact same thing more or less?
  13. a torch at harbor freight stores cost only $7.99
  14. I've yet to try a hot hit wand or solar hit, but they look super tasty! Enjoy those pick ups brutha, i love the vector torch.
  15. glow rods are the shit. it's the only way i hit glass.
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    vaporizer attached to bong :)
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    Yet another fine example.

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