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New Illadelph, nug jar, weed, and some cigars..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by deadeye007, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Well, my new Illadelph came in today! This thing kicks ass. Homegrownglass also gave me two free grinders, a free DVD called "Operations: Pipeworks" and one of those lighter leashes that velcro onto your bong. Glass is nice and thick (5mm) and the 18mm joint size is noticably bigger than 14mm. Needless to say I love it.

    Also in the pic is my semi-new nug jar, which holds only my favorite buds.

    And last but not least, a nice decent quality oz.


    I'll try for a milkshot tomorrow.
  2. Fucking beautiful bong and bud man. Nice stash jar too.
  3. Shit son, NICE! i want an Illa. lol, the last pics looks like a pile of shit haha, JOKES!
  4. lol, thanks guys.

    I forgot about the cigars and it's giving me shit when I go to edit my post so I'm just going to put em up here.


    Haha sorry for all the pics but I love to take them!:p
  5. i love the bong how much did you pay for it:hello::bongin:
  6. Nice bong man, the nug jars nice and big too I like that, buds look dense enjoy man! :smoking:

    Nice acid is a great cigar I had a Kuba (thats the name of it hehe had to look it up couldnt remember) I think when I had one, great really strong taste hehe, what kind are they?
  7. I love the stash jar, because it's not even an attempt to "stash" it as the glass is clear and it just brings more attention to the nug! Hilarious, and funny way to keep your favorite nugs fresh. :)
  8. Those are some Acid C-Notes. The other two are both Arturo Fuentes. Ones a Brevas Royale and the others a Exquisitos.

    Acids in general have awsome tastes, gotta love them/
  9. mmm, split those cigars and roll a fat blunt man..I know I would:hello:
  10. I just smoked one of those same Acids mannn :hello:. It was good but it tasted a bit too chemically to me.
  11. So is that the 16" "shorty straight?" That looks like such a sweet piece!
  12. you should try acid's dirt cigars. Those are damn tasty
  13. I'll keep an eye out next time I go out.

    Sure is.
  14. That ILL is ill I love it, the headshop here where I live told me they were getting in some ILL's I hope they do, b/c I have to get a roor or an ILL. I kinda like ILL's better than roors(looks wise, as i have never hit an ILL)It must be the cobalt blue color they make. I love your bong man. JOE>
  15. Nice. Reppage for sure. Post a milk shot!
  16. Yeah, what happened to the milkage?

    real ill son, would love to have one. ((nug and bong lol)
  17. Great piece man! I'd smoke the shit out of those nugs too! All around looking just great!

    I vote for some milk as well!
  18. Thanks.

    Milk shot!

  19. thats what i'm talkin boot

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