New Illadelph Glass

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  1. Broke my last piece so i got the motivation to get up early today and get this:

    It's a pretty standard piece but I'm going to be buying a matching ashcatcher and a bigger slide soon. Broke it in this morning and it was really nice. Smooth and it clears extremely fast. I love this thing man. Lemme know what you guys think... Sorry but my cellphone was the only thing i had on me.

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  2. That's nice. How much do their glass go for? Been wanting to pick one up, just don't know what the price ranges are.
  3. I got it at a place called Fatty Zone in Northern California. Cost 290 for the actual tube and they were all out of ashcatchers which is why im going back there again soon to get one. The guy said the ash catchers were ~$150. They had a bunch of beaker bottoms and shit too... good place
  4. Might be thinking of getting rid of the ROOR and switching it up, but that Glass you just got is sick
  5. Thanks man
  6. nice tube, get some better shots
  7. have that exact tube without the green glass. thats fuckin tight man. they clear real fast, and rip real smooth huh? :bongin: i love my illy, welcome to the family :hippie:
  8. thats sick!

    i like th cobalt better thou.
  9. pretty fuckin nice illy... im a sucker for the rasta ones

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