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New Idea

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BudsNugsAndHugs, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. ok so my new idea is, what if you take a hit, then blow all the smoke into your mattress and then febreeze that spot. i have no bud so someone needs to test out this theory. happy smoking!

  2. Nvm don't wanna be a Debby downer
  3. Why would a "Seasoned Toker" need to hide the smell?
    Perhaps you're in the wrong section?
  4. lol do you mean inside the mattress or just against the surface
    either way this just screams fail
  5. Why don't you just blow the smoke into the febreeze bottle? Or spray the smoke in the air
  6. Youll stain your matress over a short period of time, though it will work. I used to blow hits into my pillow, idk how much that masked smell ( probably didnty at all) but my room wasnt smokey. Made my pillow look like I had some horrible disease leaking out of my ear from the resin stains ( like that visual?)
  7. The trick is to blow it into the toilet and then flush. Totally works, man.
  8. actually youll have better luck just blowing the smoke out normally
  9. Blow it out your ass.
  10. The trick is to not live with your parents an sit on your own couch an smoke a bowl
  11. dude are you serious? get a toilet paper roll and some dryer sheets.
  12. Just go get a smoke buddy

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