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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by twistedpeopz, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. What if you had a hood and vent tube that led to an air pump. The air pump then pump into a bucket full of ?soap?odor control?etc. As the air bubble come up through the water they will smell nice?
  2. lol some one already posted about this and actually made it its on one of the threads here
  3. yeah well im not seeing it
  4. ^^ yea its already a thread, but ill throw this out there anyway. It's a bad idea to filter the exhaust air through water for two reasons. 1) Thats a huge volume of air to pump through water, and it requires more pressure to move air through water than it does through carbon filters, so you are effectively increasing energy costs needlessly and possibly the most important problem, 2) you create an insane amount of noise, i.e. its going to sound like a giant bong in your grow room 24/7
  5. has anyone every ran their exhaust through a spoof type of thing? that wouldnt make any noise and should help right?
  6. hey heres a crazy thought,.. if youre pumping air all over hell and back why not just pump it outside and be done with it :D
  7. Not a crazy thought, it's done all the time and in many ways is preferable. Gets rid of both odor and heat. Just not feasible for everyone given their conditions.

    If you do this make sure your external exhaust is no where near where someone could smell it (including utility meter readers).
  8. yeah i think i could pump it into the attic and i guess outside if i have gone that far but it would be soooooooo much easier to just do it this way. With homemade carbon filter does it clean it enough that my closet/room wouldnt smell. ( i do live with my family and besides i dont want that smell on my clothes or anything anyway)
  9. i mean dont get me wrong i like the smell of weed but just not when i walk into work or when i walk into my ap classes at school... people tend to judge ya lol
  10. Whatcha mean live with your family? Your Mom and Dad?
  11. yeah... ik dont disobey your rents and all that shit. Im not a fucking stoner i just think it would be could to grow some buds...kinda interesting
  12. yea basically the smell isnt too bad for a couple of plants. commercial operations smell to high heaven and the only way to safely get rid of the odor is to use a commercially designed carbon filter on your exhaust system. inside a closet i would suggest growing inside a cabinet and routing the exhaust through a tube with some dryer sheets, and change those out every now and then. you can also probably use carbon pre-filters that are sold in like wal-mart for air purifiers and stuff. they're pretty cheap. unless having a little bit of dank odor in your closet at any moment is going to kill your grow-op(or lack thereof), then i would just deal with it as it comes at you.

    Also, a word of warning. I saw THeCloset's idea for the perfect odour neutralizer. great design. Just be careful how much resistance the fans are exposed to. They're designed for moving air against air, not against any sort of substrate or through anything else, so when you run them with any kind of resistance (i.e. restricting the airflow and directing over a bed of crystals) they can catch on fire. Not trying to be a killjoy here, ive just heard of growers going so far to even take the fan grill off even when they're just using to move air around the grow room just to reduce resistance.
  13. Easiest and cheapest is to keep temp below 75. I've 200+ of all stages and people sit in my house not knowing a thing. 1 mature qvality plant at 85 to 90 degrees will stink whole 2,000sq ft up. I live w/my weed. we just watched 3OO. I got 2 rooms w/tv, ac, and mary. I eat sleep and live pot. You smell when you touch it. Not by being near it. You see no vents,extra acs, or traffic of supplies, people,or refuse. I been busted for outdoor. Someone walked through it. Let's see someone walk through my house!!
  14. low temps seemed to work for me too, but i also vent heavily and run ONA.. it stil is smelly out side (and inside if im working iwth the grow room door open) during mid-late flowring but the smell disipates behind the house, i really wish i could vent out the top of the house, that would be perfect, smell would disipate before it ever went anywhere, especialy with the ONA masking it.
  15. your my idol dude!!!

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