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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by RedMist, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Was thinking pro-legalization organizations like norml could run commercials similiar to the above the influence ads, except we show all the famous people who use to do pot like have a flash back to when steve jobs was smoking weed in his garage and building computers a say something like "dont always believe evrything your told" or "stereotypes are the lowest forms of ignorance". we could have one of some kid getting high and then reading Aristotle or John Locke or something, and then put the quote from regean where he says something like its dangerous cause young people smoke marijuana read books and then discuss ideas. im dont remeber what MJ documentary i saw that on but i think its out there. Suggestions?
  2. I think it could be beneficial to run pro-marijuana commercials although i also think that that would send the wrong message to anti-marijuana advocates. The direction of the commecial would have to be very direct. Anything that varies from a direct statement that labels marijuana as a choice should not be considered.

    I think the steve jobs example could really help prove that marijuana is the stepping stone that America has been searching for, and until we have successfully planted it into the foundation of our nation, we will be waiting to progress.

    If everyone could openly and freely explore the deepest of their thoughts, we would all be be to better appreciate our current conditions. Appreciation for your country is critical in order to flourish, and it can be achieved by simply listening to this massive opposition, and supporting a nation of people that live their lives deciding on the small choices, instead of tying up the media with campaigns about how the government is wrong!

    Everyone needs to realize one thing in the end, legalizing marijuana will improve our economy on an individual level. We will spend our money on the important parts of life and the corruption of the economy will no longer be fed by civilians struggling to find happiness in 7 figure bank balances.

    If we can legalize marijuana, this corruption and expenditure would be pushed into the necessary corners of our economy that play a critical role in allowing America to thrive.
  3. Something more direct that we could use is a commercial which shows the summation of mone that we could be using. it could say "the total sum of the marijuana trade is whatever billion dollars, thats whatever billions that we dont have. That can be used to reduce national debt, addiction treatment centers, healthcare, or educaton, plus you wont die" and then put a website with links to actuall scientific studies.
  4. One of the big things we need to do is get rid of the word "Marijuana".
  5. i agree very much so i found out through research about cannabis becoming illegal.. up until the 1930's the word marijuana was not used in america only in mexico and where the word marihuana came from... the reason the gov't started using marijuana instead of hemp or cannabis was because everyone knew that hemp and cannabis were good. so the gov't only used the new name marijuana and only said bad things about it "reefer madness"... they knew if they tried to make hemp or cannabis illegal it wouldn't work understand??

  6. I like this idea especially if we ran something like this, with a smoker being calm and thoughtful and then showed some drunk footage of people. There are hundreds or riots we could show or anything that shows drunks are violent and aggressive while stoners are calm and thoughtful. I only say this cause whenever I talk to people about canabis, I get the best reactions from asking people if they would rather be around a drunk or a stoned person. I think people are starting to realize that it is stupid to keep MJ illegal if things like alcohol and tobacco are legal.
  7. The legalization movement always attacks alcohol though and it's not a great strategy, although it may help a little.

    Almost everyone in the country drinks, so if we say negative things about alcohol or drinkers then some may just look away.
  8. another idea is to just put up that table with all the deaths per year associated with cigs, alcohol, perscripition meds, caffine and everything else, and then have the marijuana with 0 deaths i think it would be short sweet and to the point with people being surprised with the numbers

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