new idea: adopt-a-stoner website

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by mrsofficer9, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. hey guys. so when i was younger i used to love those virtual pet sites. the ones where you take care of pets, feed them, stuff like that.
    i was cool would it be to have a pet stoner? feed it munchies, play weed-related games to earn money, buy different pieces and strains, and so on. if you've ever been on a site like that you would get it. it would basically be like the virtual pet things, except not a kiddie game.
    anyone else think it would be fun?
  2. fuck ya dude i was reading this and thinkin if anyone made this they would make millions
  3. Sadly, I would actually play that.

  4. Sadly? I'd play it.
    Hah, kind of imagined it more like a Stoner Sims..
  5. Hahahahh dude i 100% support this idea
  6. yeah, i'd play this.

    Actually, i want to play this.
    Really bad.
    Right now..

    anyone know a video-game designer? :smoking:
  7. hahaha I want to play this...
  8. Lol sweet, i just bought my girlfriend sims 3, and that would be a sweet ass upgrade to it.
  9. lol wow, such a great response to this. i was hoping for someone to come in here "hey, i'm a wensite designer! i'll make it!" nut sadly, no. hmmm...who wants to learn? i don't think my brain could handle it.
  10. haha funnnn id pay for and play it
  11. Im Thinking you should get peeps to adopt a REAL stoner!

    Ya know, Send us money for weed and food!

    Everybody loves A stoner :yay:
  12. i would totally play that dude
  13. I'm a web developer and I'm already working on an MJ related project... I'm not so much for the graphic design side of things do I doubt I'll be creating any MJ flash games anytime soon :p

    Pretty cool idea nonetheless...
  14. ahahah the green patch for sims 3
  15. hahaha they should make that fo sho dude
  16. oh hell yes! i used to play the sims all the time!

    and they'd have a little green bar that they had to smoke to get up, but the more they smoked, the more dumb shit they would do, like light the stove on fire... and if they went to work blazed they might get fired?

    and you could buy them a hookah and have all the neighbors come over, and THEY'D start lighting the stove on fire? but it would make relationships be really easy?
  17. maybe you can look into flash designed games
  18. im so hyped about this idea.

  19. ive made videogames before. ill see what i can do
  20. i would deffinently play this game

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