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  1. I started this new grow.. For the first time I am going to try these cuttings but I am doing a hydro wish me luck.. I shall keep you posted...
    Now these were started on the 08. 06. 2017. Not all but I know which one is which [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. You'll want to block light into those containers to avoid algae and scum.
  3. You may want to research some of the basic dos and don'ts of hydroponics. Outdoor with no resovoir temp control is a no no. Clear containers are not usable... what's up with that water?
  4. Clear containers are useable, but only if you light block them with foil tape. ;)
  5. I'm doing outdoor hydro. I recomend taking a five gallon bucket and digging a hole put the bucket in the ground then take a second bucket and use that. That way you can take the bucket out without digging every time. My bubble bucket temps are 64f-71f. Use hydrogard to help with everything. Or you can do a dripline with a Rez that is in the shade also buried in the ground. With this system I dug 100' of pipe in the ground to act as a heat exchanger. You also want to use black buckets and wrap them with somthing reflective to keep temps down. This systems temps are 64f-72f. If you have any questions message me.

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  6. Hey peps thanks for your help.. My plants are flourishing. And the water has the canna nutrients in hence the colour..

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  7. That's awesome if I had that type of weather I would have done the same thing as you

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