new hydro technology

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by mindrider, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. old tech been around since the 90s .. basically it is an EnF, that doesn't fill the tray ..but moves the plants into the EnF trays to feed.

    if you have the 3K for the unit go for it .. but I bet I can bring in a better yeild with 3k worth of growing gear , and spare room.
  2. i still think aeroponics is the most eco friendly way to go.
  3. Ive never seen those, there fu*king sick, i kinda wana get the mini ones, i would only put like 2 or 3 per rack though, maybe its bigger n person. I would waste all my current setup thats working fine, maybe later on down the road....Also its kinda, its kinda like the idea where u make elbows on branches so it bends down and its horizontal,which makes the light hit the whole thing in stead of only the top, then flowers grow along it unlike the original way where most of it is at the top of each branch, good way to maximize harvest..cleaver i like it.


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