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  1. I may be slightly new at growing weed, in that I set up a soil system once (with a incandecant bulb). My plants got to like 6 inches and all fell. Anyway, I did MUCHO research on the subject and decided to make a hydroponic system. I bought some fluorecent lights because there is no way i am affording HPS lights, and I bought all the required hydro equip (pump, resivours, airators, perlite, etc.). I am trying to grow 7 plants under two 40 watt tubes. I am planning to double this in the near future. So far they are looking good after one week, but i am afraid i will mess up eventually. If somebody could give me some just after seedling advice, I would be most happy. My biggest plant has about 10 leaves that (some having their own branches). Did i overcome the hard part? Should I watch out for any problems (besides my parents finding my garden. I am using the flora series of fertilizer by general hydroponics and I have put the suggested amounts of juice in for the vegitation stage. I guess i am making this message to long. I seems i am not having the same problems as other new growers. Perhaps because of the research I did? anyway. i don't wanna scrwe up now, so any advice would be GREAT.
  2. Study study and more study, you can buy all that shit for DWC, but can;'t afford decent lights($99.00) ...go figure
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