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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Sweet Leaf`, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. I'm going to be growing two plants with a 150watt HPS and two CFL's. I'm going to use a DWC system i made out of a old rubbermaid. I already have an air stone, tubing, ph test kit, air pump, and the rubbermaid. i have the lights also
    I'm going to the hydroponics store that is about an hour away so i only want to make one trip.
    I have on my list-
    nutrients(how much should i get?)
    mesh pots
    grow rocks
    ph down/up
    EC meter???
    This is my first time growing hydroponically and i don't know how much nutrients i need for the whole grow. and i'm wondering if i need a EC meter, i know it is important but i'm kinda on a budget to spend only like $100.

  2. if you have $100 just for an EC meter you can get away with it but if you need that plus all the nutes and propagation things .. you're going to break the bank.

    EC pens are about $75 for anything quality. browse google and the forums to find one you like and then find a good price on ebay.

    it's not exactly required but highly recomended since hydro is so specific to the nutrient soultion you provide the plants.
  3. yeah, i went to the store yesterday and got everything i need. i got a quart of floragro and a quart of florabloom. it came out to be $95, so i couldnt buy a EC meter. :(

    look for for journal, my grow is going to start in a few days :) !!!!!

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