new hydro design method, is this new?

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  1. I have discovered a way to run my whole hydro unit and connect the whole thing without drilling holes in any of the containers. is this something new or am I onto something old?

    in other words, I can hook up a whole system 10 containers etc all with tubing but without drilling a single hole and it works better than a system with holes drilled and traditional design.
  2. Do you use two pumps? One for fill and one for drain?

    I'd like to see a diagram if you have one.
  3. i see your thinking. no. just 1 pump. hint... this system uses autosiphons. and uses water tubes.
  4. can you take a picture of the unit?
  5. i was trying to see if what I am doing is new, if I take a picture people may get it and say oh yea ive seen that when they havent. this is a brand new thing I believe, i dont have any holes in any of my beds or reservoirs and I have found a way to connect them seamlessly with good water flow.
  6. Sounds like ebb and flow to me?:confused:
  7. yes, could be ebb and flow or dwc or nft, does'nt matter.

    hint: uses siphons

  8. Would people not be able to do that without a picture?

    I could have read your first post alone and have said that the idea is old just as easily as i could have done it after having seen a picture. You make it sound as if you don't believe someone can lie about the status of your idea if you dont let that person see a picture of it.

    If you really have come across something great, wouldn't it make you feel better to have helped other people get good results out of it than keeping the specifics about the idea secret and gloat about being its originator? Especially sense no one will have seen proof of it.

    You make a new thread asking the people of grasscity whether your idea is the first of its kind yet you fail to give the specific details required to make that judgement. As far as i have seen so far in my research, seperate hydro units must either stand alone and, at the very least, have a hole for the plant's roots to actually reach the water and holes for bubbles for tubes that carry air for oxygenation of the water or the units can be connected in a series which in itself means that something must connect them somehow.

    It just seems to me that if your real intention was to know if your idea was original, you would have provided all the information for the judgement which may be required by the people you ask to answer. Why beat around the bush..:rolleyes:
  9. here it is

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  10. Are you talking about your suckit-buckit? Or is it different but still using the same autosiphons just feeding from one bucket to the next until it finally gets back to the res. then starting all over again when the next feeding cycle begins?
  11. it feeds from one to the next but the water flows between the buckets through tubes. the tubes are fed into the buckets from the top requiring no holes in the buckets themselves
  12. Well, if you are only using one pump. Than I would say it is probably new.

    The Suckit-Bucket is definitely new also.

    You have well thought out scientific principles attached to your systems. You should do a really good D.I.Y. of the Venturi that you built. Make sure us stoners can understand it without too many questions and show lots of pics throughout the process. Those would work excellent in a bubble bucket or DWC type setup. Or really any res. Soil growers could use one also to oxygenate their water before giving it to the plants. I know I would!

  13. So basically no you haven't put holes in the bucket, but in the buckets lid which seems trivial to me. You've simply moved the holes to a different location. Unless you don't use a lid at all, in which case I'm not sure how the plants would factor into the method.

    The method by which you move the water though is new to me so yes, to me this is new. But what value does it hold over simply connecting the units in a series with a pump.
  14. just makes for expandability and reconfiguration while the system is still full of water. just lift the tubes out of the water to seperate that bucket/unit/bed/res from the rest of the system. you can have multiple length hoses, I have tested 2 units 20 feet apart and the flow is still the same. i can connect 8 units with 1 siphon sump. and you can make redundancies so there are like 4 tubes per bucket, that way if 1 tube clogs you got 3 more that will hold. also there is no need for a big res, the res connects to other units so they all feed back into res simultaneously. if the res is pumped out and its waterline recedes 1 inch, all the other units will transfer their water into it until its waterline is the same as theirs. all the waterlines balance out simultaneously. the only hard part is forming siphons in these sumps so they are permanent but I have a fullproof way of doing that now...
  15. you can just hang these things, or the tubes themselves. they can just clip onto dwc units or bubbleponic units. grow beds can just empty into bins which are connected and just have buckets sitting in them like this one. this is my unit I used to grow these trees.

    some pictures, notice where the line feeds in and where the end of it is

    i know there are holes, but they can easily just be removed and replaced with a ziptie design or some kind of clip

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  16. by the way thanks voteyeltsin
  17. I will do a diy on the venturi. I'll start tonight or tommorow.
  18. Sweet! That's awesome. I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate that.:D

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