New HVY Glass percolated Bong

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    Just picked this up earlier today for $255 at my local headshop. It smokes great! Lemme know whatcha think.



    Some super funky/skunky smelling bud. got a zip for 300.


  2. Looks sweet. What is that, 5mm? How is the drag?
  3. I think 7mm but i'm not positive. It has almost no drag i love it!
  4. Tight bong, I woulda expected it to be $100 cheaper honestly but not trying to knock it, it's sick.
  5. i know a good deal of those HVY mini-percs are 9mm. you should provide a milkshot so we can see just how thick it is :) and vtkillah ROFL at the thought of getting a HVY with an 8-arm perc for $155.
  6. bump =D just picked up a zip of some funk! Ill post pics soon

  7. yeah i was about to say, i think ALL HVY glass is 7mm or thicker, thats kinda what their famous for is all super chunky pieces...very major good vibes to you and that bong, ive never actually hit a HVY but i look at them every time i go to a shop, may be my next pickup if you have enough good things to say about it.
  8. Man i love this thing.
  9. i have this same one and its awesome.
  10. your gonna love that thing. my favorite bongs ever. mine is my daily driver, smoking out of it as we speak:bongin:
  11. nice pick up man. I dig the bong.
  12. solid piece for a decent price.... and nice buds:smoke::smoke:
  13. old thread is old

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