New HVY + 3 Downstems

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    Hey guys just got my new HVY 9mm with the Alex K showerhead, Luke Wilson 6 arm, the Sovereignty 180 gridded and also the Ben Wilson disk bowl. Also got a few more things like the oil dome, and glass stand . tell me what you think and rep if you want :p :smoke:

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  2. Looks nice man, throw up a few milks!
  3. I like that you got a variety of downstems.
    they really make all the difference in bongs IMO
  4. Let us know which DS you like most. Nice set up
  5. They are all nice, but from my most to least fav would be Sovereignty, Luke, then the Alex K. Sovereignty is so smooth and feels almost frothy, stacks good too. Same as the Luke but just not as much, and the Alex has a good chug to it. I will post some milk vids probably later on today
  6. yeah would like some milk. dope tube & accesories bro
  7. niice pick up! my friend just got the alex k and we think it works great and makes a crap ton of bubbles. +1 for milk.
  8. id take some milk too, but atleast 1%, i hate skim milk too watered down IMO
  9. sick set up man ill +
  10. You should start a thread to do a review of the three downstems with some videos. I have a straight Sheldon Black and have been considering getting a new downstemm
  11. I'll post some vids once I can get the time to. But to save you some time i'd say buy the Sovereignty 180 gridded, so smooth. :smoke:
  12. Your set up is my dream set up. How much did everything run you? I will offer my body to you to have that set up.
  13. Nice piece. How tall is it?

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